Cold Press Juice


I made a thing! This was super fun to put together and I loved creativing the illustrations!


View the mobile prototype here

Day 024: Boarding Pass

024_Boarding Pass1.png

Something simple because your boarding pass should be the least of your worries.

Day 023: Onboarding

Traveling shouldn't require leaving the country to do. There are new things to discover everywhere and I'm thankful for apps that allow me to learn more about the cities I'm in. 

Day 021: Building Connections

I ideated on an app where users can build connections by elaborating on topics of interest to them. Users will get a questionnaire and will get a list of users who answered the same questions as they did. I did research and learned that many people build connections when they have something in common. Most importantly, if they have similar goals. This will allow users to meet one another with a similar topic in mind. 

Day 020: Location Tracker

Being tracked can sound pretty daunting, but what if a mother needs to know their daughters will make it home safely? What if a gentleman wants to make sure the uber gets his 90 year old mother back home safely? Allowing someone to track you should be an option. Here I created an interface where one will get notifications halfway and 2 minutes away from the destination rather than someone walking back in forth watching as the little dot moves on the map.

I hope that this can create a more functional way for people to be tracked!

Day 018: Analytics Chart

Well all need that extra reminder and push sometimes. 

I get so bogged up with work that sometimes I forget to hydrate. Knowing that, I really enjoy setting up weekly goals and making a competition with myself in order to take care of myself. Try it out, it's fun!

Day 015: On/Off Switch

I'm lactose. I love ice cream. I don't take lactate.

I live on the edge.

Day 014: Countdown Timer

Meeting with friends and colleagues should only consist of face-to-face interactions.

But people tend to use their phones to check the time and get distracted by notifications and go into a rabbit-hole of answering messages, checking Facebook shoutouts and tweets. Today, I designed an app that you can automatically set to count down the time you have left with your companion so you don't have to check your phone for the time during your lunch break anymore!

Day 013: Direct Messaging

I've been a bit obsessed with watching Arrow recently.

But besides that, I've always felt like group chats are always a pain because too many people are talking at once, I normally miss important dates and locations, and most importantly, I don't see messages that people are directing at me. So with this design, I wanted to create a way where people can see who's talking and have the opportunity to call out someone and also alert everyone when a message is super important!

Day 012: E-Commerce Shop

I wanted to create a transparent e-commerce site that gives people unbiased facts about a product before they decide to purchase. I believe that if people are committed to a  product, they will buy it regardless of what the facts are. But at least this allows people to be a little more informed about what they are spending their money on. 

All facts were found in the following sources:, SF Gate, The Huffington Post, and more.

Day 011: Flash Message

I am not a huge fan of how abrupt flash messages can be, but I like the ones that give me a friendly reminder throughout the day! Today, I wanted to create a flash message that reminds me to relax and enjoy a cup of Joe throughout a busy day.

Day 010: Social Share

I've been trying to plan a trip with my friends lately and it's consisted of screenshots and triple checking that we are booking the same flights. For today's Daily UI, I decided to add a share or send button that is always on the iPhone screen and can be toggled on and off in iPhone settings. This will allow me or anyone to send whatever is on your screen to someone else. Whether it is on safari or an app, the person that receives the message will be able to download whatever they need to open whatever I have on my screen. This will make everything so much easier! 

Day 009: Music Player


I’ve been frustrated with how many hoops I need to jump in order to change songs and adjust the volume in apple music. 

When I am listening to music, it’s mostly to enhance the mood that I am in. I want to feel the artist’s feelings and understand what they were going through when they were writing the songs. I would love the feature to learn more about the artist as I listen to their music. Lastly, the pull up and drop down feature would be a lifesaver! 


Day 008: 404 Page

As I was thinking about the 404 page challenge at a quiet tea shop in Berkeley, two women gossiped and giggled loudly about their past lovers and future plans. 

Don't get me wrong, I do that from time to time too, but there is a time and place to do so. Their conversation inspired me to design this 404 page as a sign for coffee shops to passive aggressively let customers know that this is a working zone and there are no gossiping aloud! 

*whispering* Thank you very much.

Day 007: Settings


I've been sick for a couple of days and don't get me wrong... as much as I love having an excuse to rest, I've been going nuts!!

What if I choose to be sick for one day but it's going to have the harshest symptoms?! That's fine! Or what if I wanted to binge watch a TV show for a week and wanted to be alert enough for it? Then I'd adjust the settings to give me a common cold instead. 

Either way, I wish that I had this app so that I can adjust my sickness to only 3 days so that I can make plans and be outside finally! 


Day 006: User Profile


Since creating an online portfolio, it's been frustrating to make sure that my work looks the same both on the web and also on the phone. 

This is how I imagine my portfolio would look like when viewed on a phone.