Day 005: App Icon


Recently it's been a struggle to find a coffee shop that has free wifi, space, and also outlets! But have no fear Coffee Wire is here!


Day 004: Calculator


I always get overcharged when I exchange currency abroad so I designed a currency exchange calculator that will give me accurate rates.

Never get jipped again! 


Day 003: Landing Page

I'm sure you have figured that I love to travel and inspire others to do so with me.

This landing page is to inspire the ones that has these excuses:
"no money" , "no time" , "I have no one to go with"

Pish posh. Let's travel together in our own way!

Day 002: Credit Card Checkout


I have mad skills in remembering numbers.

Let me prove it:

1.  my high school basketball jersey: 22
2. my childhood home's address number: 1409
3. # of pair of socks in my drawer: 27

You get the idea. But this checkout form is for the ones that are debating about life's weaknesses to having a physical card instead of allowing photo snapshots to buy the pair of shoes that are dropping at 12am that everyone is fighting for.

No more waiting! Snap and pay! 

Day 001: Sign up page


I grew up around builders and designers.

My father built a home with dirt, sticks and water while my mother sewed clothes.
They combined their skills and gave birth to me! (hello!)

I grew up meshing the building skills of my father and the detail-oriented skills of my mother and found a passion in interior architecture

I wanted to get to the core of user needs and including the stakeholders in the design process. I didn't want this feeling to end and decided to join a 10-week UXDI course at General Assembly San Francisco.

The course helped me unleash my super powers but I am happy to inform you that I am nothing but a sponge! I do not know all the things but I am constantly pushing myself to try, to fail, and to learn from it.