What triggered this app design?

I have been living in the city my whole life and never once relied on a car to transport me from one place to another. But what I DO depend on is public transportation. I know what you might be thinking, “depending on public transportation is like depending on rain in this drought.” And I agree! Missing a bus and watching as it drive off is heartbreaking.

So I created an app that can tell me exactly when the next bus will arrive at my closest stop location.

A key feature is being able to track exactly where the bus is and watch it as it moves. Some pain points in existing apps is constantly choosing the bus line when opening the app. Also, the results are usually inaccurate! That's why adding the lines closest to me based on location is really important. Also the refresh button creates accuracy based on bus GPS location. I wanted to have two view options (list and map) so I can locate the directions of inbound and outbound. Also, I like being aware of other bus lines around to give me more options.